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5 Nice Neighborhoods to Live In Henderson Nevada

Henderson, Nevada is not only a great place to visit during your vacations and holidays, it’s also an awesome city to live in. When it comes to choosing a neighborhood, however, you would want to think about a number of things before deciding to settle there. Some of these include the economy of the area, accessibility to jobs/business, home prices, safety, population density, and nearness to amenities, among other things. Is the area great for shopping? Are there enough entertainment spots? What about things such as schools and public amenities? How good is the transportation channel in the neighborhood?

Well, the good thing about Henderson, Nevada is that there are plenty of neighborhoods with high incomes, low crime rates, affordable homes, bearable population densities, and low unemployment rates. There are places with plenty of shopping malls, entertainment joints, great transport, and plenty of public amenities. These would be the nice neighborhoods we’re talking about. Here are some nice neighborhoods to live in Henderson Nevada.

1. Paradise Hills

If you’re looking to live in a neighborhood with a suburban feel paradise Hills might just be the place for you. The median home value in paradise hills is approximately 233,000 according to niche.com [1], meaning that homes are quite affordable here. It is also among the richest neighborhoods in Henderson Nevada, with a median income of slightly above 87,000. Crime rates are low here. The neighborhood is quite livable and also has plenty of local amenities according to areavibes.com [2]. There are lots of real estate listings in this area.

2. Lake Las Vegas

If you’ve ever dreamt of living near the lakefront, Lake Las Vegas is one of the nicest neighborhoods you can live in Henderson, NV. In addition to plenty of shopping destinations, golf clubs, and luxurious hotels, Lake Las Vegas is famous for being one of the richest neighborhoods in Henderson, with a median income of about $92,000 according to statisticalatlas.com [3]. It can be a great place for you if you’re looking to live in a peaceful, quiet, safe neighborhood that is not so populous.

3. Green Valley South

Whether you’re looking to buy a home or you need a rental in Henderson Nevada, Green Valley South is another wonderful neighborhood you may want to consider relocating to. The median home value is low, median income is high and the population is average compared to most other neighborhoods in Henderson. It is also a safe place to live in, thanks to the low unemployment and many job opportunities in the area. In addition to being a well-maintained, peaceful, safe, and quiet neighborhood, Green Valley South is also great for pet owners, with plenty of hiking and walking trails you can jog through with your best friend. Dwellers enjoy easy highway access plus innumerate shopping destinations in Downtown Henderson.

4. Anthem

Well, homes are a bit on the higher end in Anthem. However, the median income is high and the population is average. This neighborhood is actually ranked the 6th most livable neighborhood in Henderson and Nevada. Enjoy shopping at Ethel M Chocolates Factory and Cactus Garden. There are also plenty of attractions, entertainment joints, and public amenities in and near this famous neighborhood. View attractions in places like the Henderson Convention Center, Zen Body & Skin, Las Vegas ATV Tours, and Action Tours Las Vegas, all easily accessible from Anthem. The cost of living is also average here.

5. Westgate

According to Area Vibes, Westgate is ranked number 2 most livable neighborhood in bother Henderson and the greater Nevada [4]. As a matter of fact, they rate it as extremely livable. It has an attractive median income and the population is average. Homes and rentals are also quite affordable.

in addition to the above, some other nice neighborhoods to live in Henderson Nevada include Green Valley Ranch, Green Valley North, Foothills, and River Mountain, just to name a few.

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