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A Brief History of Henderson Nevada

Henderson, Nevada has a lot more to offer than just food. It’s the only state with a museum, entirely devoted to Liberace. There’s one slot machine for every ten residents and in the sinful city of Las Vegas, there are more churches per capita than almost any other town in America. Let’s have a brief history of this beautiful city.

The History of Henderson, Nevada

Henderson, Nevada got its first growth spurt, thanks to the largest silver deposit ever discovered. Two Irish miners- Peter O’Reilly and Patrick McLoughlin, were prospecting on the slopes of mount Davidson when they came upon traces of gold and silver. The Comstock Lode put Nevada on the map as it was producing so much wealth. By 1861, the federal government adopted Nevada as a territory and only three years later in 1864, Nevada became a state. During its prime production years from 1861 to 1878, the Comstock Lode yielded over 400 million dollars in silver and gold, an equivalent of five billion dollars today.

Thousands of prospectors poured into Henderson, Nevada. Mining camps became centers of fabulous wealth. One young man who came seeking his fortune, was an obscure writer from Missouri known as Mark Twain. The very famous American author and humorist came to Nevada in 1862. He was acting editor of the Virginia City Enterprise for a short period of time and got into a little tiff with the other competing newspapers editor. Their words became very heated and a duel was proposed. However, it was a new felony to participate in a duel. Under the threat of arrest, Mark Twain fled the Comstock for good.

Henderson & Gambling

Henderson, Nevada’s mining towns were notorious for their drinking, gambling and prostitution. Many Americans were scandalized by such sinful behavior. In 1910, the state legislature finally banned gaming. Even though Nevada had outlawed gambling, the fact was that people were still gambling all the time and everywhere. But the state was cut out of the revenue because they couldn’t tax it. They later decided to legalize gambling and became part of the economy of the state. This created a major sensation in the United States to the point where Congress actually convened to determine whether or not they could revoke the statehood of Nevada.

How Gabling was Legalized in Henderson

Efforts to punish Henderson for its wicked ways never got very far and the gaming industry grew in popularity. In 1941, most of the action was in Reno, but very soon Las Vegas would become the new hot spot with the construction of a place called El Rancho Vegas. It was the first casino resort with gambling, lodging and entertainment all under one roof. El Rancho Vegas set the standard for every Hotel Casino that followed on the Vegas Strip.

Jake Freedman built the sands in 1952. He was a gambler from Texas who had the bright idea that to sell Frank Sinatra a few ownership points in the property. That gave Sinatra an interest in making the sands successful. In less than a hundred years, Las Vegas has gone from a fly speck on the map to a tourist destination that hosts 38 million visitors annually. With more hotel rooms than any city in the world, it would take one person 288 years to spend a night in each hotel room in Las Vegas.


Henderson, Nevada is now the 2nd largest city in Nevada, with a population of over 250,000. They control their destiny and they do what they feel is important for them.

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