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For almost two decades the Las Vegas Pain Relief Centers (LVPRC) have used the Active Transformation Program to help thousands of Las Vegas residents eliminate their pain and hundreds of professional athletes to perform at their very best.

Our continued work with professional teams and athletes provides us the opportunity to work with some of the greatest minds in medicine, chiropractic, physiotherapy, dentistry and many other fields of medicine. This experience has helped us develop our proprietary, multi-disciplinary approach for the average every day person. We have gathered the tools and skills needed to bring together some of the most incredible minds. Working together, their sole purpose is to transform your life.

Would you like to join a team that will provide you a step-by-step strategy for optimizing your health and achieving your goals?

LVPRC Key Attributes and Core Competencies:

  • Knowledge – With years of experience, we provide intimate details.
  • Tailored – The ATP is customized by our physicians to match and satisfy each individual patient’s needs.
  • State of the Art – We always utilize the latest proven methods and techniques.
  • Integration – The ATP’s multi-disciplinary blend of alternative and standard medicine is strategically linked to deliver the best results. There is no quick fix or just one solution.
  • Transformation – Our patients move in the direction of optimal, overall health.
  • Professional – We hire the best, most qualified individuals, with continued support and training, to maintain our competitive edge.


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