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VIP / Loyalty Program

We reward you for being Loyal to us.

Every time you spend a dollar in one of our centers, you earn a point. You can earn points for taking classes, referring friends, posting to social media and many other great ways.

Our program is completely automated.  This makes it is easy to participate and to enjoy the wonderful advantages of being a member of our program. You won’t have to keep track, we will send you notification(s) every time you earn a point.

You can redeem your earned points on services such as the following: massage, personal or performance training, dental exams and teeth bleaching, ATP treatments and huge discounts on all of our products and supplements.

You can receive the most amount of points for referring a friend or family member.  We want to keep you engaged by prompting you to refer friends and promoting our centers on your referral networks.  We will extend a lot of points for your referrals.

As soon as you become a patient, the points will start adding up. We want to make sure you are rewarded right from the start, so as soon as you join our program and become an official patient, we will start you off with new patient points. If you are kind enough to submit or post a positive review on a social media platform, then you will receive even more points. You can use your points at any of our locations in the Las Vegas area.


Please complete and submit and we will reach out to you for scheduling.