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Boosters can be added to any IV drip. The most popular add on boosters are Weight Loss, Detox, Beauty and Get-Up-and-Go.

Detox Booster

The do-everything IV drip. This powerful antioxidant detoxifies, protects, and energizes. Contains Glutathione.

Weight Loss Booster

This wonderful booster helps increase fat loss at and give you a boost of energy.

Immunity Booster

Enhance your immune system with a high dose of Vitamin C.

Muscle Up Booster

Great combination of Glutamine, Arginine and Carnitine to increase your gains.

Beauty Booster

Glow from the inside out. Improve your skin, hair and nail quality with this booster.

Get-Up-and-Go Booster

Feel energized and more alive than ever with this pick me up! Contains: Vitamin B-Complex, and B-12 (Methylcobalamin)


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