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Enlightening Details About Things To Do In Henderson, Nevada

Henderson, Nevada has increasingly become a popular tourist destination. This is mainly attributed to the many attractions that are in this area. Some of these attractions are unique where they can only be found in this area. There are also many fun activities that people can participate in. Here are top things to do in Henderson, Nevada.

The River Mountain Loop Trail
This particular trail is composed of a 34 mile set of different trails. These particular trails are in a way that they link Henderson, Boulder city, Lake Mead National recreational areas, Hoover Dam and other parts in the valley of Las Vegas. The trails are especially ideal for people who like outdoor walking for one gets to pass through a number of attractions. Some sections of these trails are even designed in a way that there are areas for hikers and cyclists.

The Lion Habitat Ranch
This is another top attraction in this area where people get to see lions and other animals. The main objective of this ranch is to teach people about lions but it also serves as a tourist attraction. It is located at the corner of Bermuda Road and Bruner Avenue therefore making it very accessible. There are more than fifty lions on the ranch and people are able to see them. There is ample security on the ranch and as a result the lions cannot cause any harm. There is even a feeding program which allows visitors to feed the lions in a secure and safe manner. One can also get to feed the giraffes and other animals that are in the ranch.

Henderson Bird Viewing Reserve
This is one of the top things to do in Henderson Nevada. This because in this 140 acre reserve there are many local desert birds and others which might be migrating through this area. Through the reserve there are paths which cut through and visitors just need to walk through these paths to watch the birds. This is a great activity where all members of a family including children can participate. All what one needs is to wear comfortable shoes because of the walking and maybe sunglasses so as to look up the trees in a more convenient manner.

Helicopter Tours
In Henderson it is also possible to enjoy helicopter tours through the Grand Canyon. There are companies that provide helicopter charter services where visitors can be flown through several places in this area. These tours usually take about four hours and there are guides to explain the various locations. The companies providing these services usually provide the visitors with options on the specific places they would like to be flown. All the necessary safety measures are applied with an objective of ensuring that everyone is safe.

Crafthaus Brewery
This is a popular brewery that is well known for brewing different types of beers such as Jean Claude and Evocation. The brewery primarily makes beer but is also hosts other events. Visitors are given complimentary tours of the establishment on Sundays. The brewery also sells items such as hats and t-shirts to visitors who might want to keep souvenirs. The precise location of this brewery is on Eastgate Road which makes it accessible. Therefore, by knowing these things to do in Henderson Nevada one can have an easier time while visiting this second largest city in Nevada.

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