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Famous attractions in Henderson Nevada

When it comes to famous attractions, every city has something to offer. Henderson, Nevada is no exception. This city is filled with beautiful natural sceneries, historical monuments and some amazing outdoor activities far from the gambling and casino buzz. This city just seems to have it all. This article is going to take you through 5 of the most famous attractions in Henderson Nevada.

1. The Clark County Museum.
The Clark County Museum is located on the boulder highway, Henderson, a 30-minute drive from the famous Las Vegas strip. This incredible museum was established in the middle of nowhere giving visitors a unique, authentic and fan experience. The Clark County Museum is divided into two parts, a large outdoor area with historical homes, nicknamed the ghost town, and an indoor exhibit area showcasing the timeline of Nevada from the ancient days to the present day.
2. The Lion Habitat Ranch.
If you are a big fan of big cats, then this is a place you must visit. The Lion habitat ranch is located on Bruner Avenue, Henderson and it is home to the original MGM lions. The ranch is owned by Keith Evans, a well-known cat enthusiast, and it is based on an 8.5 piece of land. Visitors have the chance to see the beautiful cats roaming free with their cubs, feed them and even play with some of the friendly ones.
3. The sky combat ace experience.
Sky combat ace is based on the outskirts of Henderson in the desert playground. This is another place you have to check out while you are in Henderson, Nevada. Sky combat ace has one of the most tempting aviation experience which is going to really test your adrenaline. At combat ace, you are taught everything about fighter jet basics before you are guided on the flight. You will be fitted with a flight suit and given a wingman to guide you through the incredible aerobatic ride. Even if you are not a fan of heights, this is a lifetime experience. Visitors from all over the world always flock this place.
4. Lake Las Vegas.
Far away from the small city casinos, Lake Las Vegas just remedies the city heat. The beautiful lake offers an ultimate jetpack and flyboard sessions which the locals and other visitors just adore. The massive 340-acre lake with a 10-mile shoreline is the best natural feature in Henderson Nevada. Visitors who are fans of water sports are given a professional instructor to guide them through the basic jetpack and flyboard skills before they hit the waters. There is a lot of swimming and busking that goes on the lake as well. This is the best way to beat the city heat.
5. The Ethel M Chocolate Factory.
When you talk of famous attractions in Henderson, you cannot ignore the Ethel M chocolate factory. This veteran factory offers fresh local gourmet coffee that is just too amazing to write off as an attraction site. Visitors and even locals flock the place almost daily just to get a taste of some of the chocolate and treats and also to see how the production process is done. The factory was established in 1981 and it has since been producing some of the worlds best chocolate.