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Concierge Medicine

Conceirge Telemedicine

Treated like a VIP with our Concierge Medicine Plans

We are a multi-disciplinary healthcare center with a strategic alliance with Health4life, a concierge internal medicine clinic. This means that we have a direct financial relationship with you for all your primary healthcare needs. We have several concierge medical plans to choose from to meet your specific health care objectives. You have instant access to your healthcare provider. Some plans include treatment, training and massage.

Concierge medicine is also referred to as ‘Direct Primary Care’ or ‘VIP Healthcare’. This simply means you will receive primary care directly from your Concierge Healthcare Provider when, where and how you want and need it. We work for you, not the insurance companies. Concierge medicine is not just for the wealthy. We offer affordable memberships for direct medical services. It is a cost effective, rational and affordable way to deliver primary care medicine. It is very simple. Cut out the middleman, the Insurance companies, and allow you and your doctors to work directly with each other.




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